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Located in the best economic and investment destination in the Middle East, Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Known by purchasing power, ease of business set up, leadership and raw materials availability.

May 3-5, 2023

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May 3-5, 2023


First meeting in the Middle East and Arab world with aim to establish business relations between developers and manufacturers of the gaming and toys world and global and local merchants and users.

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May 3-5, 2023


Participate in the exhibition, discover important new products, and enjoy presentations of the experts. We are waiting and look forward to seeing you.

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May 3-5, 2023


Various programs, seminars, scientific workshops, art nights, the unique experience of sensory and kinesthetic games, various games for PC participants, magic games show, 5D and VR shows, latest games and more ...

Why a global games exhibition in Saudi Arabia?

• Saudi Arabia is the strongest in Arab market, as it combines purchasing power and population, to achieve the largest revenues in the region
• Exceeding the total revenues of the second and third largest Arab game market together.
• The market size of electronic games grew by more than 41% year-on-year.
• Saudi Arabia has the largest growth in the number of players and the increase in per capita spending.
• Increasing government support for the gaming sector in both games and e-sports, in terms of encouraging game development and holding competitions.

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We chose the best places to accommodate the exhibitors and made entertaining and fun program for visitors, enabling them to spend enjoyable day in the exhibition. The day they will never forget.


Sections and pavilions with multiple areas allows you to make your site in the area which will grant you access to preferred visitors. Make a reservation before others and secure your self the best place.


The Riyadh International Forum for Game Research is the world’s first forum for research of gaming culture and the permanent headquarter of this global event is Riyadh,capital city of Saudi Arabia.


Distinguished professor of psychology specializing in education with researches in the field of the games Former Dean of the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences University of Tunis.

Dr. Emmanoel Ferreira Professor engaged in digital media and games research at: Universidade Federal Fluminense Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

President of the International University for Digital Game Studies DIGRA University of Southern California University of California, San Diego Albertay university School of Design and Informatics Division of Games and Arts(LONDON)

Expert in capacity building, entrepreneurship, enterprise management, innovation and renewal. She worked at the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Knowledge Foundation, and currently supervises the Tawazun platform for capacity development • Receiv

International trainer in Training the Trainers on the use of educational guides for games with Children and Youth "Compaspto". He worked with partners to develop interactive games aimed in building youth capacities and skills development. An educat

Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Lebanese University. She worked as an expert on the Arab Culture Plan (2021) with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science, and as a research advisor at the Lebanese Association for Educational

Academic from the Sultanate of Oman currently working United Arab Emirates University. Specialized in children's and young people's literature

Co-founder of Robots & More, an ed-tech leader in Morocco. Through Robots & More and its brand Play & Code Academy, she supports STEM programs in schools and introduces robotics through playful learning, training and workshops in Morocco and French s

Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Studies, Faculty of Arts King Saud University.

Professor at King Abdulaziz City for science and Technology (KACST), National Center for Radar and Electronic Warfare Technology (NCREWT). Researcher at Center of Excellence for Microwave Sensor Technology (CMST) in a joint project between KAC

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    Exhibition's main events

    • Launching the work of the media center and studio on air.
    • Official tour of the exhibition and introducing the exhibition pavilions and a field greeting to the participants.
    • Launching partnership sessions and B2B investment dialogues.
    • Official tours of VIP suites.
    • Heritage bands – giant puppets – 5D shows – VR – lasers.
    • Formal opening.
    • PlayStation Championship
    • Riyadh Champions League, with the participation of “100 participants. Smart games training course.
    • Continuing partnership sessions and B2B investment dialogues.
    • Honoring three participating companies.
    • Lavender carpets.
    • PlayStation Championship continuing
    • Continuing partnership sessions and B2B investment dialogues.
    • Continuing smart games training course.
    • Honouring three participating companies.
    • Lavender carpets.
    • Magic games show.






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    When other peoples seek wars and extermination for the future of humanity, Saudi Arabia thinks of future generations through attractive initiatives, including the Green Saudi, NEOM, The Line, the Red Sea, Al-Ula, Qiddiya, the renewable Diriyah, and others. It has also become a global platform in the field of exhibition tourism, among which is the Riyadh Game Show.

    Riyadh Giryani

    The Riyadh Games Fair is a culture of professional investment exhibitions, which Riyadh, the capital of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, aspires to become one of its capitals as an attractive gateway to business tourism, which will be the fruit of exhibitions in Riyadh in 2023 is a qualitative leap and a Saudi lesson in the field of games industry

    Prof. Mohamed Aseri

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