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About Us

Who we are:

Future Event for Organizing Exhibitions & Conferences was established in 2020 AD, then through perseverance, development and constructive alliances, it became one of the ambitious companies and pioneering ideas in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of organizing exhibitions by creating a renewed thought in this field, and among its distinguished products are the Riyadh Games Expo and Riyadh & International Forum for Games Research, and the company has achieved many partnerships and alliances that reached it to be the first brand to spread globally before it was launched.
The Future Event Company is a company that combines creativity, innovation, quality, continuous development and the spirit of competition, which are the same values ​​that move its compass towards development, diversification of ideas, and presentation of innovative ideas in the field of exhibitions and conferences.

With the grace of God first and then through proper planning and diligent work, we were able to establish a strong base for us in the international exhibitions and conferences sector on principles that we cannot deviate from, namely:

1. A sustainable identity and scalable strategy.
2. Creating exceptional products with a national identity with global alliances and value.
3. Work with high professionalism.
4. Commitment to deadlines and technical specifications
5. Building lasting and solid global partnerships.
6. The company always works to achieve quality that exceeds our customers’ expectations.
Our interest in our customers and their service is a fundamental pillar that we strive to perfect and work to complete all that satisfies them with the best international professional means.