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Exhibition section

Riyadh Games Expo aims to gather Games Co, Games Studios, Developers, Publishers, indie gamers, investors, Toys Companies, individuals who are interested in Games sector under one roof, to exchange Knowledge, Experiences, Services, New Products & innovations, and business opportunities, find an agent/ distributions and make DEALS

Electronic educational games section

A section that brings together everything related to electronic educational games and as it occupies a large part of games around the world, and since the region’s orientation is to develop the skills of children and youth and the spread of the concept that educational electronic games help in solving some problems and finding the best solutions, through improving the functions of planning, organization and flexible thinking.

Video games

It is considered the most important sections of exhibitions in the world in terms of purchasing power and its competitive advantage due to its historical and emotional impact on societies, so we created a section commensurate with its competitive size.

Computer games

The rapid spread of computer games in recent times, and the many consumers of it due to the multiplicity of options for its tools, and the many celebrities who display computer games on their own channels, makes many investors in this field, so we have created a wide section that brings together the makers of this field and its tools.

vr/ar . games

Virtual reality has developed from futuristic theater designs, stereoscopic clips, and 3D movies over the course of the twentieth century to achieve great effects, and as it has become one of the most attractive means of many games, game makers are giving great attention to its field, and it has become one of the best means of integrating electronic and motion games at the same time. Industry We have created an integrated department that brings together the makers of these games and their tools.

Mobile games

Its history begins with the beginning of the era of the mobile industry, and every development that takes place in mobile phones develops and invents these games, and because of the ease of their presence in every place and time, they have become one of the most successful and profitable industries in this field, as it is a section that concerns us and all exhibitions worldwide.

Indie games

It brings together all the professionals and the pioneers of the independent games and those who managed to get a good chance in this vast space.


A section that collects all toys from soft and strategic games, as well as what is made specifically for infants and children, birthday gifts, memories and everything that is made as educational toys for schools and families, and children and adults toys.

Action games

A section that collects all the action games from the games
Amusement parks, group games, entertainment and sports.