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Riyadh the capital of glory

Where Saudi Arabia’s past meets its present
Riyadh blended the Middle Ages and the new millennium to form an enchanting cultural union through which to trace the first roots of Arabia and envision its bold future. The city’s fascinating centuries-old history can be sensed within its open-air market, quaint museums and ancient architecture, but it is also modern and modern, with sparkling tall buildings and a thriving contemporary art scene. The winter months are an ideal time to visit Riyadh. Although the average high temperatures in summer may reach 44 degrees Celsius, the highest temperatures in December and January do not exceed thirty degrees.

Heritage and culture, fun and entertainment

Diriyah is considered the pearl of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the next major tourist destination, and one of the distinctive Saudi projects that are being developed to enhance its position on the Saudi tourism map. and cafes, and the first of these projects is likely to open in late 2021, adding all this to the historical and cultural value of Diriyah, which dates back thousands of years, as it was an important stop on the road to travel, trade and pilgrimage.

Learn about the history of Riyadh

Al-Masmak Palace was built in 1865 AD. It is a vast castle made of mud and bricks. It is preferred by tourists who wish to go back in time and explore the roots of Saudi Arabia. In 1902 AD, King Abdul Aziz seized the castle and took control of Riyadh (the home of his ancestors) after he was in Kuwait. From this fortress, King Abdulaziz Al Saud opened and unified the various kingdoms and provinces that make up the Saudi people as we know them today.
The Saudi National Museum is another must-visit destination, as it contains more than 3,700 artifacts on display, documenting the ancient history of Saudi Arabia over thousands of years.

Shopping in Riyadh

From tangled old souks to luxury malls and chic boutiques, Riyadh is the epitome of a shopping destination to follow. The most famous market in the city is Souq Al Zal, which has been bustling and lively since its first appearance in 1901. Everything from gold coins to exotic handicrafts and antiques can be found here, including traditional Saudi products such as coffee set dallah and incense burners. Visitors looking for more modern shopping have a variety of malls to choose from, including Riyadh Park Mall, which has an IMAX cinema, palm-tree arcades and a glass roof that looks like waves; the open-air The Zone, where shops and restaurants are located around a main square; And the shops in the center of the kingdom are almost as impressive as the gleaming skyscraper itself.

Taste Saudi food in Riyadh restaurants

One of the best ways to experience Riyadh’s cultural mix is through its cuisine. Najd Village combines heritage and food experiences, with revived Najdi architecture and recipes for authentic dishes such as kabsa, jereesh and hashi. More contemporary cuisine can be found at the luxurious “Tekea” restaurant, which serves a mixture of Saudi dishes inspired by the regions of the Kingdom, and “Suhail” restaurant with its modern touches on Saudi favorites..