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Dr. Hanane Benkhallouk

Dr. Emmanoel Martins Ferreira

Prof. Mohamed Aseri

Dr. Maryz Younes

An innovation  and leadership strategist, a certified, neuro-leadership coach, and a coach for innovation.

Her multiple awards included the game changer excellence award by the Middle East Institute of Excellence in Dubai.

Her articles were published on Harvard business review Arabic, and Forbes Middle East and Arabian Business among others.

An Assistant Professor in Cultural sciences at the “Higher Institute of Childhood”, University of Carthage Tunisia.

Her research is situated in the field of youth culture, with a special focus on game studies and digital learning tools. She wrote two books in Arabic and French language about "Serious games".

Professor at King Abdulaziz City for science and Technology (KACST), National Center for Radar and Electronic Warfare Technology (NCREWT).

Researcher at Center of Excellence for Microwave Sensor Technology (CMST) in a joint project between KACST and University of Michigan (UoM) at USA. 

Assistant Professor of Sociology at the Lebanese University.

She worked as an expert on the Arab Culture Plan (2021) with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science, and as a research advisor at the Lebanese Association for Educational Sciences.

Her research interest is in development, youth, civil society and digital transformation.

Pr. Patrick Denoux

Eng. Nael Al- Ashi

Pr. William Huber

Noureddin Kridis

Professor of Intercultural Psychology at the university of Toulouse II (France) and Head of the Pathological and Intercultural Clinics Laboratory (LCPI), does research in Intercultural Psychology, Cross Cultural Psychology, Community Psychology, Social and Clinical Psychology. He is mainly interested by the psychological consequences of the cultural contacts and mutations

An Engineer specialized in the field of robotics and programming.

Co-founder of STEM Hub solutions in Dubai.

His main field of interest is designing robotics games and competitions for purpose of education and entertainment since 2009.

He is working a as a part-time SME with LEGO Education in Denmark for the Arabic robotics content since 2016 and builds innovative models specially in LEGO.

He is the publisher of the first Arabic book in Educational Robotics and has received the second award for the best research paper in the Arab Robot Conference (Dubai 2017).

Senior lecturer at Abertay University in Dundee, Scotland.

His research focuses on the aesthetics of games, media, and software.

He has published several articles and book chapters analysing and interpreting games and game culture.

As head of the Centre for Excellence in Game Education at Abertay University,

Tunisian writer and psychologist,

Professor of higher education in psychology )University of Tunis(,

Former Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Tunis (Tunisia).

Receives a State Doctorate in Psychology and a Third Degree in Education Sciences (University of Lille 3 -France).

Published numerous books in Tunisia and abroad in Arabic and French on issues of Communication and Creativity in the fields of education and social work.

Dr. Sherif Awad Seraya

Dr. Emmanoel Martins Ferreira

Dr. Munzer Al- Tamni

Dr. Víctor Manuel Navarro Remesal

Professor of Sociology - Faculty of Arts - Cairo University.

Director of the Center for Research and Social Studies Faculty of Arts Cairo University.

Has many works in the field of cultural and economic studies, including: the culture industry in the age of globalization and its impact on changing the features of cultural identity, craft industries: a path to sustainable development,

Professor of Sociology and Head of the Department, Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University.

Member of the Committee to Combat Extremism and Terrorism at Mansoura University.

Ph.D. Sociology. Research and Assistant Professor in Sociology. Specialization in Sociology of Culture, University of Tunis, Tunisia.

An expert with the Arab Organization for Education, Culture and Science (ALECSO).

A media scholar specialized in games. 
He teaches History of Videogames, Cultural Industries, and Interactive Narrative at Tecnocampus, Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

His research interests are player freedom, slow gaming, Japanese games, and game preservation.

Dr. Dina Aboela

 Prof. Saleh Al- Rumieh

 Prof. Khaled Al- Harbi

Eng. Imane Berchane

Professor of Sociology and Head of the Department, Faculty of Arts, Mansoura University.

Member of the Committee to Combat Extremism and Terrorism at Mansoura University.

Professor of Sociology in the Department of Social Studies and formerly Vice Dean of the Faculty of Arts.

Supervisor and Professor of the Chair for Crime Prevention, King Saud University.

Member of the Scientific Committee of the King Abdulaziz International Prize for Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Founder and member of the Saudi Society for Sociology and Social Work, Imam Muhammad bin Saud University.

Professor of Sociology of Crime at Umm Al-Qura University and Vice Dean of the College of Social Sciences for Development and Quality.

Former Dean of the Faculty of Arts at the University of Hail, formerly Professor of the Muhammad bin Nayef Chair for Security Studies, and former advisor to His Excellency the President of the Human Rights Commission.

Co-founder of Robots & More, an ed-tech leader in Morocco. Through Robots & More and its brand Play & Code Academy, she supports STEM programs in schools and introduces robotics through playful learning, training and workshops in Morocco and French speaking countries in Africa.

Dr. Turki Shilaqi

Prof. Aknori (Aki) Nakamura

Dr. Wefa Al Shamsi

Dr. Khali  Rihani

- Associate Professor of Sociology, Department of Social Sciences. Hael University.

- Head of the Department of Social Sciences, College of Arts, University of Hail 2019-2021

Professor at College of Image Arts and Sciences,  “Ritsumeikan University”.

Chairman of “Ritsumeikan” Center for Games Studies.

President of Digital Games Research Association Branch (DiGRA) in Japan (2018-2021)

She is Omani Researcher & writer in the field of children's and young people's literature, and a trainer in creative writing, works at the United Arab Emirates University. 

Ph.D. in Youth and Intercultural Dialogue.

Researcher in facilitation and mediation techniques. Member of the Council of Europe Pool of Trainers.

Worked as a youth affairs advisor and educational expert in many ministries.

Developed international expertise as senior consultant with the Council of Europe, ISESCO and the League of Arab States:  in youth and student development, in the training of trainers in non-formal learning approaches, and in the use of educational games manuals and activities in Arabic: Compassito, Mosaic, Ittijahatt, Rawabitt.

Dr. Abdel- Wahed Al- Mokani

President of Sfax University since 2017.
He recently received the Sfax Municipal Award for Authorship and Creativity for his 2021 book Sfax Al-Mahrousa.